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Next Level Church Basketball League

Saturday Basketball Church League

Click the link below to register

Register (ezfacility.com)

Games on Saturdays (1 game each week) Starting at 6pm

5 Game Guarantee Top teams go to playoffs

Maximum Teams:  8 Teams


Player Minimums:  Each team must have a minimum of 5 players to start game.  If the 5 player minimum is not achieved within 5 minutes after official start time of game, the result is a forfeit.  

Uniforms:  Must be the same color and have a number on the back as minimum requirement.

Game Time:  18min running clock.  Clock stops last min of 2nd half.

Fouls:  Each player gets 5 fouls.

Timeouts:  2 timeouts per half (Timeouts DO NOT carry over).

Overtime:  There will be a 2 min OT.  If still tied after OT, there will be sudden death OT.  (1st team to score wins). 

Bonus:  Teams will shoot 1&1 @ 7 fouls and 2 shots @ 10 fouls.

Referee Fees:  Will be paid by PARTICIPATING TEAMS


*Gate Fees:  $5 per person (Under 10 years old-Free)

*Games will start on time
*Unruly behavior by any player, coach or spectator WILL NOT be tolerated!!