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2022 Chili Cook Off



Registration Link:


Date:  Feb 5th 

Entry Fee:  


Location:  Sports Next Level-2838 College Hills Blvd-San Angelo, TX 76904

**Cash Payout**

Washer & Cornhole Tournament!

Schedule of Events


10:00am – grounds open

11:00am  – CHECK IN

12pm – Competition Starts


2:00pm – Cornhole & Washer Tournament Starts

4:00pm – Turn-in

4:05pm - Judging

6:00 - Awards




The promoter/organizer is Next Level
(hereafter known as NL) who is putting together
the barbeque contest. The promoters/organizers
have the responsibility to select judges for their
contest. The promoters/organizers may not cook in
the contest.
A participant/contestant is any group or individual
(hereafter known as a team) cooking in the NL
contest with the intent of preparing and cooking
barbeque and other items for judging in said
contest. Each team will be comprised of a head
cook and as many assistants as required. NL
recognizes one head cook from each team. All
participants and judges must be 18 years of age if
cash prizes are awarded.
NL contest official(s) (hereafter known as an
official) is/are the person/persons who are assigned
to manage the judging area during the contest.
These officials enforce NL rules and follow NL

The entry fee is $50.00. This qualifies you for one
(1) entry 

Contest offices reserves the right to amend
these rules as they see fit, with full notification
of all teams in the contest.

Plaques will be awarded for Grand Champion and
Reserve Champion.

In the event of a tie the team with the highest
score in taste, will be awarded the win. If a tie
persists it will be determined by the higher score
in the following order, appearance, tenderness,
aroma, color then after taste.

If a container is found to be in violation of these
rules, then it will be disqualified at the sole
discretion of the NL contest official(s). Marked
containers are not permitted and will be
disqualified by the NL contest official. Chicken
entries that are deemed to be raw by the NL
contest official will be disqualified. Entries that are
disqualified will be awarded a score of one (1) by
the contest official for each participating judge.
The decision of the NL contest official concerning
entry disqualification is final. Judges can only give
a one (1) to an entry if directed to do so by the
NL contest official(s).

Each team will supply all the equipment necessary for the
preparation and cooking of their entry including the cooker,
wood, or wood products.

Limit (1) entry per household

No teams may share a cooker or grill with any other team.
NO open fires allowed.

Each team will be responsible for the cleanup of their
campsites. Each team will be responsible for their team
members & guests. Excessive use of alcoholic beverages or
use of illegal substances will be grounds for disqualification,
without refund.

All other vehicles can be parked outside of the cook-off area
in the designated parking areas.

Teams may begin setting up their sites any
time after 10:00AM on Saturday. Teams must be
in place and set-up by 12pm.
Spots will be assigned. There are limited spots
NO hook-ups. These spots will be first be
made available to first come first serve.
Each site must have ABC fire extinguisher on

Each team is responsible for bringing their
own meat. All meat will be cooked on site
with no pre-marinating, injecting, or preseasoning allowed. All meat will be inspected
by the officials or their representatives.
Inspections will take place Friday evening.
Cooks are to prepare barbeque in as sanitary
manner as possible.

Grand Champion and Reserve will be calculated
by a point system. Each team will be awarded
points according to how they place in each
event. The team with the highest points will be
awarded Grand Champion and followed by
1st -10 pts
2nd -9 pts
3rd -8 pts 
4th -7 pts
5th -6 pts
6th – 5 pts
7th – 4 pts
8th – 3 pts 
9th – 2 pts
10th – 1 pt 

Winners and prizes will be announced at 6pm
Saturday at the Pavilion.
The top three (3) places will receive cash prizes.

Turn-in times for each category will be set by the
contest official. The NLcontest official is
authorized to make changes to these times in the
event of an emergency and with full notification of
all teams in the contest.

A window of ten (10) minutes before and after the
set turn-in times will be recognized, for a total of
twenty (20) minutes. Product containers received
at any time before or after each turn-in window
will not be accepted for judging and will be
considered to be a disqualification.


Judging will take place at the location designated
in the Cooks Meeting.
Judges will score each entry based on appearance,
color, aroma, tenderness, taste and after taste.
Each category will be awarded points on a scale of
two to ten (2-10), in integer increments. Taste,
being the most important, will be on a scale of two
to twenty (2-20). A score of two (2) is the lowest
score any judge can give a product. Any entry that
is disqualified will receive a score of one (1) in
each category. Judges will score each entry
immediately after its taste. Judges will not
compare entries to assign scores.
The total points awarded in each of the 6 judging
categories will be added together to produce a
total score for the entry.
There will be a mandatory meeting Cooks
Meeting at 12pm Saturday. It will be held
in the Park Pavilion.

Next Level will use a double-blind ticket
system. This system assures a fair and
unbiased competition. The system requires
that two tickets bearing the same number
be utilized, one firmly attached to the top of
the judging container or side of a cup in a
manner that hides the number, and the
other ticket easily removed by the head
cook for retention. Winning numbers will
not be revealed until time to announce each
place in each meat category. At that time,
the secret numbers attached to the
container will be announced. Teams must
present their portion of the ticket to claim
their winnings.
Entries will be submitted in Styrofoam
container provided by NL.  All judging
containers shall be clean and free of any